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Ostatnia wygrana L6ツ w Rankingu w dniu 27 Sierpień

L6ツ posiadał najczęściej polubioną zawartość!


17 Neutralny

O L6ツ

  • Tytuł
    Silver II

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  1. @erek you was good guardian for me. Im trully sad because you are leaving. Without you my function here would not be alive.You gave me respect from the begin, you made me free slot on server forever.Thank you for all good things.Id like to jump and help, maybe i can try be at least half good like you, but in real world this is not posible for me. I hope you will be replaced by another good guardian. Dobranoc. Love u bro.
  2. Hello guys, I know im not part of any function of this server, but Im old player so Id like to say my opinion too. Ok, I read all this your posts and advices yesterday. But I think and Im sure that if you start touching and changing point system too much, that can be hard fail. I played in many awp servers, and I never seen point system like this right now. Its the best point system I have ever seen. I read also that someone said about "punishing points" for innactivity. That probably looks like logic step, but that can be bad too. That seems like, you want to punish a player who is innactive(for example 24 hours) or 1 week or more. What if people are not able to join? I know some active players and top players who are going holidays almost always, so like if they are not playing they should lose 200-300 points? or even more? Also there is someone who said that activity will bring up points? Oh cmon, its totally garbage, much people will not even trying to play and they will forget this server forever, including me. I was on one ukraine server few years ago(forgot the damn name, strange name) They was discussing about this too, when main people accept this,server was never full after that, max standard players who playing every day always in server. Im afraid cuz that could happen to this server too... Like lets go help standard active players (3-4 hours per day) and lets ignore all other remaining players.Guys you should stop crying cuz -15 or idk. Just imagine how is to me and other 9 players from top? -25 -26 -27 -28 -29 -30.Thats normal, thats part of a game.That is helping to show our skill limits and without this point system nothing will be realistic anymore. If you ask me, I would leave it as it is. Only maybe to change starting kill from 75 to 100.Everything more than 100 is overwhelming.


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